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The revolution of the multihull world has begun. The Futura proposes a great solution that every cat owner expects: sailing performance, stability and comfort for a monohull berth price in the marinas! This catamaran is able to modify its beam from a sailing multihull to a monohull. A perfect beam thanks to the retractable hull mechanism. The 49‘ catamaran by Futura Yacht Systems sails with standard beam of 8 m (26′), but when she approaches the marina, she is able to reduce to 4.80 m (15.7′). Thanks to this reduced beam the Futura may also travel in rivers or channels. Futura Yacht Systems has a patent for this retractable beam mechanism. This technology is based on the aerospace technology. The carbon-beam structures and lockfree bearings (sliding on water) are working by electrical motorization with two 24 V engines. From the cockpit you may press a button to take the hulls in or out. It takes one minute to slide-in or slide-out the hulls under the central platform. In case of a dysfunction with the electricity system it is possible to modify the beam manually. For safety raisons it is not possible to sail with a reduced beam. The slide – in and slide – out mechanism can only be used in calm water for example in the entrance of a marina. Once the hulls are out, the connection between the two hulls and the central platform is rigid and stiff. The hulls and the residential central platform are locked together in a strong serrated bond so that all forces are optimally transferred. Another important advantage of the Futura catamarans is the central platform, which means no limit for the interior design, because the Futura does not need bulk-heads. In opposite to traditional catamarans there is not any step on board and nobody has to go downstairs and climb up into its bed. There are no limits designing the interior layout of the one-off built Futura. Whether owner or charter version, houseboat or excursion day boat, diving base or trawler, the “boat of all your dreams” offers 40 m² (48 yards) ground surface with 2.25 m (7.3′) headroom: everything becomes possible; and in addition : a panoramic view. Even while travelling under engine, there is not much noise. The engines are far away inside the hulls. The living area inside is directly connected though a central front door to the front cockpit outside, the front and aft cockpit as well as the fly bridge are very spacious. From the fly bride you may sail the Futura single – handed. All ropes and the automatic reefing system are connected with the fly bridge from where the view is perfect. The Futura is designed by Judel / Vrolijk & Co (America’s Cup). 126 m² (150 yards) sail area and only 8 t (8.8 short tons) weight are a guarantee for sensation and fun under sails. The engines, tanks, batteries and storage rooms for bikes, canoe or other equipment are inside the hulls. Concerning safety there is one crash box per hull and the buoyancy of the hulls makes the Futura unsinkable. It is also possible to install solar panels, which could be fixed on the fly bridge or wind generators or an electric engine with solar cells and batteries. Futura is built by Balticat shipyard in Arnis near Kappeln (North of Germany). The shipyard has 20 years of experience in building catamarans and they owned a special knowledge about carbon infusion. In 1978, Doctor Ernst Bullmer sailed around the world on a catamaran and received the Transocean price. He had the idea for a catamaran with variable beam. With the cooperation of others long distance sailors the idea for Futura was born in South of Germany (near Stuttgart) at Gerhard Euchenhofers design office, where he also invented a bike for child’s, which could be fixed behind the parents bike and a stroller – bike trailer – back carrier combination! The price of a Futura catamaran is 879.000 € ex-VAT and ex-factory in carbon fiber and 649.000 € in epoxy glasfiber.

For further information, the technical description of the catamaran, prices and the organization of sea trails, please refer to www.futura-yachtsystems.de or contact us. Technical characteristics: Designer Judel – Vrolijk & Co CE A Hull

length 14,98 m; 49′

Waterline Length 14,40 m; 47′

Beam (while sailing) 7,95 m; 26′

Beam (in the marina) 4,80 m; 15.7′

Draught 1,12 m; 3.7′

Weight 7,9 t; 8.7 short tonns

Mast above Waterline 23,40 m; 76.7′

Sail area 126 m²; 150 yards

Watertank 400 l; 88 gallons

Fuel tank 440 l; 97 gallons

Holding tank 2x 80 l; 2 x 17.6 gallons

Futura Yacht Systems

Futura Yacht Systems